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Roof Waterproofing

Water is one of the primary enemies of building structures. When water begins to invade a home or building, especially if it is a concrete one, major damages can begin to occur. Property owners want to do everything possible to ensure their buildings remain in sound shape. With roof waterproofing Bucks county, property owners will not have to worry about their buildings becoming damaged because of water seeping in through their roofs.

What Is Roof Waterproofing?

Roof waterproofing adds an extra layer of protection to roofs, ensuring the roof structures are protected against water damage, which can become costly. With this layer in place, property owners can rest assured their roofs will be impenetrable, so water does not get inside and begin to rot the walls and support beams.

Multiple materials can be used for roof waterproofing montgomery county. It is critical to work with a professional roofing contractor who understands the importance of roof waterproofing and can offer professional services that are guaranteed.

Waterproofing materials are most often applied to flat roofs. This type of roof is traditionally found on commercial buildings. Materials such as silicone, urethane, and acrylic elastomeric are all waterproofing materials.

The type of material chosen will depend on the structure and any existing coatings. Care must be taken to ensure the right waterproof coating is selected.

Why Do Buildings Need Roof Waterproofing?

Home and business owners need to be proactive and protect their properties from water damage. Knowing the reasons for seeking roof waterproofing services will help property owners to make a sound choice.

  • Water damage is expensive and dangerous. When water seeps past the roof and into the home, the support beams can rot and eventually lead to a roof collapse. Waterproofing the roof helps to ensure no water can enter the home.
  • No homeowner wants to see unsightly water stains on their ceilings. Not only do they make a property look less attractive, but they also are difficult to remove. Paint sometimes will not even cover the stains.
  • Many home and business owners are surprised to learn their roof could lead to moss and mold growth on their exterior walls, giving their properties an unkempt appearance.

Investing in the purchase of a home or commercial building is a big expense, and it is imperative property owners do everything they can to ensure their properties are protected against water damage.

Water damage costs property owners around $13 billion each year. Although water can enter through various areas of a home, roofs are one of the biggest targets.

Components of Roof Waterproofing

As stated above, home and business owners have multiple options available to them to help them waterproof their roofs. When property owners meet with a roofing contractor, they will be given all the necessary information that allows them to choose the best option. Property owners should consider the following.

  • The base sheet is the first application of waterproofing materials. This layer goes directly over the wood decking, effectively sealing in the decking and rafters and protecting them from water damage. This sheet can be made of composite reinforcement, fiberglass, or reinforced polyester.
  • The underlayment is also an integral part of roof waterproofing Bucks county. The type of underlayment used will depend on the kind of roof. Sloped roofs require underlayment made of 90-pound felt, modified bitumen, or a tile cap sheet. If the roof is flat, it will require fiberglass layers or a bitumen cap sheet.
  • Flashing is an integral part of the roof waterproofing services available from contractors. Flashing is metal or modified sheets that are placed around chimneys, skylights, valleys, and joints. This material diverts water away from these vulnerable areas, helping to prevent water damage.
  • Homes and commercial properties also need gutters to ensure water is ushered away from the building. Gutter systems, when coupled with a sound, waterproofed roof, will help keep homes and businesses free of water damage.

Services Involved in Roof Waterproofing

Cleaning & Repairs

Once the property owner and contractor have decided on the proper waterproof coating for the roof, the first service the contractor will carry out is to make sure the roof is in sound shape. It makes no sense to apply waterproofing material to an already compromised roof. Because these coatings offer superior protection, they can cover minor damages, but major issues should be repaired before the coatings are applied. The roof substrate will also be cleaned carefully.


The roof surface must be primed, to ensure the waterproofing materials will adhere adequately. Before the primer can be applied, the contractor will use blowers or torches. Once the roof surface is dry, the primer is applied. The primer helps to ensure the bituminous oils from the previous roof application do not leach through the new waterproof coating. An expert contractor for roof waterproofing Bucks county will work to ensure each of these steps is carried out precisely.


Before the field application of the waterproof membrane can be applied to the roof, careful attention to detail must be carried out by the contractor. Each area of penetration and every corner must be reinforced with a fabric coating. Areas of reinforcement include flashing terminations, exterior and interior corners, vents, drains, and pipes. This is a critical step in the process of roof waterproofing montgomery county.


Two main types of liquid waterproofing coatings are available. One requires the liquid coating to be impregnated with a fabric mat and the other does not.

The type of membrane a roofing contractor applies will depend on the present condition of the roof and any prior applications of waterproofing. No matter which type of liquid coating is applied, it will need to be done in at least two successive coatings.

The waterproofing material must be applied correctly, or it will not cure. Inspections are carried out throughout the process of application.

Not All Coatings Are Equal

Home and business owners in Bucks and Montgomery counties need to choose carefully when seeking a waterproofing contractor. Property owners must be aware that not all roof coatings are waterproof.

Some coatings are put in place to protect against UV damage. As roof waterproofing services are fulfilled, several aspects must be considered.

  • Is the roof substrate dry?
  • Is the temperature of the substrate and the waterproofing materials in the acceptable range for application?
  • Has the required consumption been met?
  • Has each layer been given the proper time to cure completely?
  • Is the waterproofing application properly managed for incoming rain?

Flat roof applications must be carried out by a licensed contractor. The roofing contractor must adhere to all product limitations and ensure the process of waterproofing is carried out in a systematic method.

Property owners should ask questions of the contractor and learn about the materials and application process before they sign any contract. When these services are carried out precisely, water damage will not occur and cause the premature degradation of the roofing materials.

How Long Will the Waterproofing Materials Last?

Most property owners want to know what they can expect from the longevity of roof waterproofing. It is important to note that no waterproof coating is going to last a lifetime, no matter which type is applied.

Waterproofing materials do wear down over time. Roof coatings can last ten years or more, depending on the material, the thickness of the layers, the application, and the maintenance.

Choose the Right Roof Waterproofing Contractor

Waterproofing a roof is one of the most important decisions a home or business owner can make for the protection of their property. Choosing the right contractor is critical for guaranteeing the outcome.

The contractor should have experience in the field application of a variety of roof coatings. Without experience, the contractor may be ill-equipped to provide waterproofing services for their customers.

Before choosing a roofing contractor, property owners must carefully research. Ask questions and gain as much information as possible before deciding. If a contractor seems too rushed to answer questions, they are not the right roofing professional for the job.

Property owners need to make sure they get everything in writing, including the price, any warranties, and any guarantees. Having all this information on paper, before signing the contract, is essential.

Taking the time to research and gain knowledge will help property owners to make the right choice for their roof waterproofing needs. A roofing contractor is the best professional for the job.

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Roof waterproofing will help to protect your property and prevent costly water damage that can affect many areas of your home or commercial building. Waterproofing membranes are beneficial for many types of flat roofing. When these membranes are coupled with other waterproofing efforts, property owners will feel confident in knowing their buildings are protected against water damage.

Those who would like to learn more should contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dennis & Sons is a roofing contractor that is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to home and business owners. With roof waterproofing Bucks county, your roof will last longer and your property will be free of water damage.